Level 3 Services and Consultancy

Welding Inspection Services Ltd offer a PCN Level 3 Non-destructive testing consultancy service for various conventional non-destructive testing methods where required in line with ISO 9712.  Welding Inspection Services Ltd can create a suitable package that fits the needs of your level 3 requirements.

Procedure Writing

Whether you need a bespoke procedure to cover a complex part or require a standard ‘off the shelf’ procedure to cover a commonly used product e.g. steel bars or plate we can help.

Procedure Review/Signing Off

Level 3 Approval for your NDT documentation.

Writing your own procedures could save you both time and money, however before a procedure can be used it must be approved and signed off by a suitably qualified Level 3.

Welding Inspection Services Ltd can review your NDT procedures, suggesting any required changes, updates or additions before signing them off and returning them to you.

If you already have legacy NDT procedures that require review and possibly updating please contact us for a quote.


Do you have issues with your current NDT operation? Are you unsure what NDT method would be best? Are you worried about investing in unsuitable NDT equipment?

Often when manufacturing a part for a customer some NDT will be specified, however your company may not have the in house knowledge regarding how to fulfill this requirement, this can often result in wasted time and money.

We have a vast range of experience in NDT problem solving over many industry sectors. Contact us with your NDT problem today for a speedy and cost effective resolution.


Regular audits help ensure that your NDT department is correctly following written procedures with regard to method, calibration, correct use of equipment, operator qualifications, etc.

Audits may also identify areas where improvements can be made, often resulting in increased efficiency and significant cost savings.

Regular audits also provide reassurance to your customers that NDT procedures are being adhered to and confidence in quality is maintained.

3rd Party Witness Inspection

In critical projects how can you be sure that all specified NDT has been carried out correctly and in accordance with procedure?

In any project where the correct application of NDT is critical, 3rd party witnessing of all or part of the NDT operations can provide confidence that procedures have been followed correctly.

An independent 3rd party witness who is also an expert in the method can keep a close eye on Level 2 technicians to ensure that customer objectives are met and procedures strictly followed.

Verbal or written reports can be given as required by the customer. Not only does the customer have confidence that NDT techniques are being applied correctly, but having an on-site presence reporting back frequently often means that any issues or problems can quickly be resolved.

Dispute Resolution

NDT problem solved by a Level 3.

From time to time disputes between the manufacturer and customer or end user may arise with regards to interpretation of NDT results.

We have many years of experience of providing independent assessments of NDT examinations and findings.